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Thank you for choosing Postage $aver products. From this page, you can order on-line by using a credit card or by using your PayPal account. Whichever way you choose, your account information will be secure.

If you would rather order by fax or regular mail, or using a government purchase order, please click here for instructions.

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Choose the product you wish to purchase:
Postage $aver Pro - $59.50
Our complete postal presort package for Standard Class letters, flats, and parcels, First Class automation letters and cards, and Periodical Class letters and flats. Includes a registered copy of Smart Barcoder and SmartBars12, and all updates for a full year!
Postage $aver Lite - $29.50
Same as Postage $aver Pro but only handles non-barcoded letter and flat sized mail of 3 ounces or less. Does not include barcoding software or font. Includes all updates for a full year!
Smart Barcoder - $35
Calculates accurate Intelligent Mail postal barcodes from your zip+4 data. Also prints barcoded tray/sack tags. Includes our SmartBars12 barcode font, and all updates for a full year.
SmartBars12 Intelligent Mail Barcode Font - $15
Prints Intelligent Mail barcodes from the corresponding letters or digits. True-type font. Purchaser will specify Windows or Mac when downloading the font from our web site. Buy Postage $aver Pro or Smart Barcoder and get this font for FREE!
One-Year Registration Renewal - $25
For users who already own a registered copy of Postage $aver. Your initial registration lasts a full year. If your first year has ended, you can extend your registration for an additional one or two years. Registration entitles you to all updates and upgrades at no additional charge.
Two-Year Registration Renewal - Save 20% - $40
Upgrade from Postage $aver Lite to Postage $aver Pro - $30.00
For users who have a registered copy of Postage $aver Lite and wish to upgrade.

Please deliver the software and all updates:
Electronically via the Internet - No Shipping Charge
On cd-rom via postal mail
------Postage $aver Pro or Lite - Add $10
------Postage $aver Registration Renewal - Add $10 per year
------Smart Barcoder or Barcode Font - Add $5

Orders which specify electronic delivery are usually filled within 2 hours, often much faster. Orders which specify delivery on cd-rom are normally filled within 5-7 days and are shipped via first class mail.

Upgrades from Postage $aver Lite to Postage $aver Pro will be delivered in the same way as your current registration, regardless of option selected here, at no additional charge.

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